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Ever wondered if the painting Nighthawks meets Alan Wake with some Life is Strange and X-Files vibes?

When I created this project I was looking for an idea that can challenges and outstands the many portfolio out there, but also showcasing my expertise skills in Game Environment Art. I didn’t wanted to compare myself to other student, but be inspired by the many professional in the Gaming Industry and current/past arts: filmography and pop-culture. As this entry is part of my Final Major Project, I wanted to gather as many inspiration as possible because the entire project last one academic year. I’ve decided to go with a revisited Neo Noir theme as I was fascinated by many TV series and games, but give them a Teen Drama/Mystery twist. Also I’ve been focused to apply all the informations and feedbacks from professionals, especially from Stage 1, last year Rising Stars and Art Communities. This project has been work of months of researching, tutorials and continuous personal development, as I wanted to achieve a professional portfolio piece for my final year. As project for my portfolio I wanted to have no constraints in styles so I opted for a realistic environment, but in a cinematic and accustomed way. And thanks to my tutors and my positive attitude I can now you present my Search For A Star 2018 entry.


I'm sorry for the previous development document, as student with learning difficulties, it was hard for me to proof-read in time, but here's a updated version. 

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